Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Back home...

Well, I've been home for about a month now. It's still home but I forgot some disadvantages and advantages of that place. The best thing about being home are the busses and 'endless' possibilities. There is a down-town to walk around, shop and drink a coffee or eat ice cream. There are festivals to have fun and hang out with friends and loads of strangers. There are bakeries who make awesome bread and pastries and dang it's sooo green over here:D do you know what was pretty facinating? The windows in school! Finally there were windows n class rooms and not only one but five or so:D My American school had rooms without any windows or if you were lucky two tiny ones. A disadvantage is that the stores don't have everything and you often have to wait for products to arrive. I also miss my hostfamily and friends from Texas! I also miss the good weather! I was shocked about the rain when I came home. Rain is not that bad, though;) Moreover I had two go to school for the last two weeks. It was not necessarily bad but boring and unnecessary! But I experienced that "Freistunden" are very nice and some days I didn't even have to go to school because my classes were canceled. The other days we gardened the schoolyard, went to ice cream places, ate breakfast, tied bracelets or sunbathed on the schoolyard. Pretty fun except waking up earlyin the morning:D
My plans for the future are to volunteer for YFU and before I will go camping with them and attend the last meeting to finish my exchange. On Friday my host family visited my fmily and I in Germany and we had loads of fun:) I also went back with them to the vacation resort for a day and we had some more fun and nice conversation. THey miss me and I miss them but I guess we all have to deal with it;) It's part of the plan. I think this might be the last post in this blog and hope you liked to read about my experiences. I just want to tell you that the decision to go abroad for a year was the best in my life. See you later!

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